Blow tha whistle

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H&M long crotchet tank, DIY shorts, thrifted penny loafers, and Topshop frilly socks

Why, why why must it be so hot? I remember reading the weather last night, yeah it said highs of 85. My little brother told me when I got home dripping in sweat that it was 100 degrees. Wow, I hate this weather so much. I was hardly wearing anything and it was still burning! Speaking of my outfit, it was semi-inspired by the online-lover Micah AKA Noodles of Pistol Whip. I love her to pieces but she, of course, has no clue who I am. Her style is beyond dope, and I'm so proud that she's now the head stylist at Karmaloop in Boston! Ugh, lucky bitch. Regardless, on Mother's day she posted this photo of her and her mother, I believe she rests in peace, and she had the cutest colorful biker shorts paired with fold-over frilly socks and loafers. It inspired by combo of the loafers with these shorts.

Today was our first graduation ceremony practice and it surprisingly went off without a hitch. I'm a firm believer that the reason for this is only because it was day one. Wait until we get to Friday, then we're never going to leave that place on time.

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