Senior Night

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Last night was amazing to put it very simply. Although there wasn't a variety of food, and some of the music that was played was not for partying on a boat, it still ended up being a great night. It seemed like the first time my senior class actually got along for the sake of everyone's' happiness. Besides from all the orgies that seemed to be occurring on the dance floor, one of the funniest moments did occur there: dudes were being themselves and jumping all over the damn place, knowing their defense-sized selves were too big for that shit. This one guy's head, I'm assuming, hit the roof and knocked one of the ceiling lights out of its socket. As they tried  to fix it the square roof piece came out of place, and when they tried to situate that the entire light, along with the wires and the roof piece came out and it was the funniest sight.
There will always be one thing that bothered me all night though and that is the look on someone's face once they realize a friendship is probably over. Even though we talk about it very often and say how we don't need that other person, I think it's hard for the fact to sink into some people before they really realize it's over. I saw many of those realizations last night and it kind of sucks witnessing it. For me? It's been a long time coming and well, although I had my moment where I was slightly hesitant you've just got to let go. But in regards of my senior year, I'm so happy that it's finally coming to an end.

xxoo missusmonroe