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eBay wool hat, everything else thrifted but Topshop frilly socks, and Primark Oxfords

Yes, I am still alive so don't fret! As you all know, for Spring Break I went to the city and it was just as amazing as it always is. This time I navigated through three boroughs all on my lonesome, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and a tad of Harlem. If I want to be a true city girl when I move to New York, everything needs to be like knowledge on the back of my hand. I went to many major vintage shops and "thrifty" stores, finally finding everything I've been looking for back at home for years. Par example, remember the stone washed vintage jacket I've been searching for that's large and long enough to cover my arsenal? Found it. I also copped this original Stü jersey for only 15 bones. I got this amazing fire engine red fuzzy button-up and a cool rubik's cube style top. On Monday my friends and I went to Times Square because for one of us, it was her first real time there. So she did the whole cliche picture taking bit then we got down to the nitty-gritty and subway'd to SoHo for some apparently famous ice-cream then we stumbled upon Beacon's Closet, my now very favorite high-end vintage store.

Tuesday I really ventured on my own, thrifting up and down Manhattan and Brooklyn. Wednesday was a special day though because The Fashion Society of my school was extended the invitation to come to the Headquarters of Bloomingdale's for a panelist meeting about fashion, job opportunities, internships, and everything else under the sun. The few of us that could make it had so much fun and I am so eternally grateful for the experience. Not to mention the space is freaking ridiculous. It's truly beautiful. I ended that day at the Barclay's Center, I was really everywhere, where I witnessed my school's ballas lose up close and personal. It was quite the time.

I started this post on the bus back home and I'm ending it on my bed, in my room, at my house. Haha. I'm already home sick of my true home in the city. I think I really enjoy the vibes of Manhattan and I'm happy now I have a solid goal to work towards. Living there. I'll be back soon... in the meantime, enjoy my photos!

xxoo missusmonroe