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So here we go again with a weekend recap. Apologies by the way, I have been swamped these past weekends and will be for the weekends in the future. In any case, there was the big Fashion Show on Friday that I took part in. It was called the Fashion Fantasy Fashion Show with the theme of a Wonderland/Fantasy featuring Wonderland, Mystic, Forbidden, and Dark, Twisted Fantasies. It was really fun and can I say my face was beat to the gawds? I mean, damn when I looked at myself in the mirror the first thing I said was "that's not my nose!" It was funny but incredibly true, the power of contouring is real. Then came Saturday where my dance team and I went to compete at UMD's Rip The Floor 2014. What a great experience that was, honestly I had a fantastic time.

xxoo missumonroe