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Thrifted everything but ALDO booties

I'm tired. Physically, not yet mentally but it's bound to occur sooner or later. I thank God every Tuesday and Thursday in excess because my pilates class is finally over and done with. Therefore, I finish my day just after 1 now which leaves me a lot of time to bullshit clearly because I got nothing done! I really need to get my priorities in order because I've been running on four hours of sleep each day this week for reasons that could've been clearly avoided. Today was the first day of Spring though and it was actually extremely decent outside. It was far too windy for my taste but that can simply be ignored, at least when it's not flipping your wig over your head. It's been a pretty intense week with our National Pan-Hellenic Council Spring step show coming up and my dance team is cleaning up our performance piece seeing as though this is one of the biggest performances of the semester.

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