wrap up

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I don't think the rest of my week was anything to brag about in all honesty... It was filled with preparing for a rather important test, avoiding the word "midterm", promoting my dance troupe's party here on campus, and an obscene amount of food. Tonight though was a surprise party for a teammate on the other dance team I'm on. I was wearing a pretty casual outfit all day, the white tee and khakis, but decided to go all black for the party. After multiple attempts with my Polaroid, I got this picture out of it. The night ended rather unfortunately but well, that's how some things just are.

xxoo missusmonroe

JCPenny kimono, DIY thrifted crop, Topshop skirt, thrifted tights, thrifter lace frilly socks, thrifted shoes

Target tee, thrifted khakis, Topshop socks, thrifted penny loafers