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Thrifted oversized top, American Apparel socks, goJane cut-out boots

Valentine's day has never been a day I liked. I think it's because being from a Nigerian household my parents like to point out every commercial holiday. So from a very young age I realized companies like to pretend it's a day to show affection and love but it's just a day to get a few more bucks out of us really. In any case, luckily we didn't have any school so my sister and I got to meet earlier in Chinatown, y'all recognize Nandos. When I got there to my surprise she had all of this waiting for me; my very first valentine ~elohel~. Apparently because of this everybody thought we were a lesbian couple and we got into an ugly altercation with an absolute asshole on the metro. It was quite the eventful and outrageous day.

xxoo missusmonroe