72 Hours

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This past weekend was insanity. To summarize, the main event was the competition my fusion dance team was performing in which was held on Saturday. Friday was the mixer for all of the teams, so I briefly went to that, while also seeing the multicultural stroll-off, then I made my way back to College Park, I know right, for a party my friend was hosting that I apparently promised to be in attendance. Which turned out to be more so a high school reunion than anything. You would presume after last weekend I'd keep my little behind away from that campus but clearly not. Things started pretty late, in turn ending late so I ended up staying the night, but here's the catch, guess who didn't sleep? I caught the metro at 7 AM, heading back here at around 9 which is when I got the chance to take a mini power nap in preparation for my hip hop troupe's rehearsal at 12. This ended at 3, then I had to rush to get ready for my tech time for the competition that night. Everything else up until around 11 that night revolved around our performance. Here I am, sitting here after church attempting to prepare for tomorrow and just trying to recover. I'm beat.

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