They Don't Know

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These past few days have been eventful... Of all the commotion with this past weekend I never got a chance to say I made my dance team again! Auditions were tough so I'm super excited. So thus begins the lack of updating only because my thing is if I can't post it on that day, I lack encouragement for posting it at all. Hence last night when I didn't get in until around 2ish I was like, hmm homework and sleep, how about that? ~Haa so yes, my dilemma. Moving on, I got to wear my super cool OutKast inspired vintage tee, in which everybody literally went crazy over. Today I felt a little lazier personally, and also very tired. Like I hinted on earlier, I didn't get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep and I've been dancing all week. Prayers y'all.

xxoo missusmonroe

Target beanie, ROSS cardigan, vintage thrifted tee, thrifted jeans, Zara fringe vintage boots

Thrifted sweater, customized Ankara pants, ALDO flatforms