Lonely Hearts Club

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I went out with a friend to grab sushi! We were each other's "dates," since our other friends all had valentines. This title is kind of a joke because I am 102% sure that I have never recognized Valentine's day in my past years except for eating the heart-shaped candies that my little siblings brought home from school. I so vividly remember those Valentine's Day cards  that our third-grade teachers made us make for our fellow classmates. I remember my first puppy love "crush." I made sure I gave him a card with a hand-made heart and my oh-so-cool signature. I would give him the occasional eye when he wasn't looking in my direction. Fast forward to now, I still find myself sneaking looks at attractive men for the eye candy and nothing else. These are just a few snapshots of how I spent my valentine's Day.

Hope you all had a great one!

Je vous Embrasse,