Dance, Dance, Dance, Oh My!

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Primark faux fur vest, thrifted chiffon dress, ALDO tights, DIY chain Timberlands

Today started off like yesterday, in a nonchalantly rotten mood. I woke up late, well I should say I got out of bed late after staying up until the wee of the morning finishing some work. I got a whopping three hours of sleep and ran with that up until now (technically around 2 in the morning) when I plan to lay my head. I was walking in a daze all day basically until after I shot these and I was able to take a nap. Without that nap I don't think I would've made it. At all. Especially because I was dancing all day. I have this big performance for my fusion dance team here on campus Saturday night which I'm pretty excited for; our mix is really good, we look really good... It should be a great show.

xxoo missusmonroe