“Tomorrow, is the First Blank Page of a 365 Page Book. Write a Good One.”

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The above quote is from Brad Paisley. I found it when I was looking for inspirational quotes and New Year's toasts. After an hour of searching (read: 4 minutes), I found this saying that spoke to me. Very often it seems that we look to the New Year as a chance to "start over" and have a "new beginning." I, too, use to look at it this way. But now, I see it as a way to rework the model. I'll look at it as a time to seek out the major mistakes that occurred in the prior year and take each of those moments as lessons. I'm looking forward to see what/how God works in my life. I'm excited to go into the new year and it's been a great 2013.

And here's to a New Year!

Je vous Embrasse,