Final Countdown

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everything thrifted but goJane shoes
Seeing as though it is the last week of classes for the semester and next week is finals week, things are pretty hectic surrounding me. The funny thing is, I feel no pressure at all. This can be a good or bad things, but in my case I see it as a pretty good thing. I mean, I feel like all of the people complaining about having to pull all-nighters this week have really just been bullshitting this entire semester. I don't want to let my mom down because we're paying out of the arsenal to be here, I'm not going to waste my whole semester partying then freak out at the last moment. I think I'm not sweating anything because well, I've only needed to study for one class and since day one that's what I've been doing. I hope I'm in a good place!

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. my cyber Monday orders are starting to roll through, including these new babies! My heart flutters.