Ring around the rosy

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You know when you constantly stress over something and the stressing is what actually ends up being worse than the actual event? I think that's what's up with Christmas. I personally don't work myself up, but I think people get so stressed because they're so worried about everything going so perfectly that it really ruins the season for them. These past couple of days I've been doing my shopping and that's all for me, stress free environments are my favorite. The proper idea of Christmas is long gone, replaced with sleepless nights, it's so sad.

I realized a long time ago I am one of those people who will waste a good outfit "taking out the trash" or something obscene. It's called a waste simply because I don't repeat outfit combos so if that's what I wore all day in my house, you will not catch me wearing it next wednesday. This being said, I hate wasting a good outfit just to go to the mall cause hello, it's the freaking mall; however, my styling always has to be on because that's just the type of person I am and that's how I want to present myself. So I've been having difficulties dressing myself these days cause I don't like wasting outfits to simply take the trash out but at the same time it needs to be done. I've unfortunately seen quite a few of my classmates and I'm just like, I look so casual, yuck.

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