Velvet Christmas

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forever21 dress, thrifted tights, H&M cardigan

I don't see why this should be long so I'll make it short! Ha, Merry Christmas y'all! I'm happy I got to spend this Christmas with my family and even though not all of my loved ones were there, it was still nice. It was especially special my close friend from school got to spend Christmas with us seeing as though she's an out of state student like myself who has to work all break and couldn't go home. I love this girl, I think she made my Christmas. At the end of the night we all went to the Magic Johnson theatre to finally see The Best Man Holiday. I suggest you guys watch The Best Man first if you haven't seen either yet, it'll make it a tad easier to understand, plus it's so much realer. I absolutely love all black cast movies, especially when they're all so beautiful and down right down
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

xxoo missusmonroe