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Primark fur vest, thrifted flannel, thrifted dress shirt, f21 lace biker shorts, Primark moccasins 

And today I realized something. Well no, that's a lie. I re-realized something. In fact, it practically slapped me in the face today. I don't discuss my love life, cause of the lack of it, here ~no this was not my realization~ because it's just not something that interests me to discuss but I feel like if I do not include that in some way, you guys won't get the full gist of me and my strange persona. In any case, I don't date. I can say this with every fiber of my being because I know how rare this is nowadays and I know it's hard for some people, but for me it's quite easy. I don't do relationships, I don't like attachments, and I don't like labels. I am myself, not myself plus another. I'm too laid back for all of that baby-mamma drama and I despise seeing others fight and get themselves involved in such vile, energy-wasting stupidity. 

So, today was interesting because I remembered how males can survive on double standards and how much of assholes they can truly be. What happened today wasn't even that insane, just a douche who's been occupying space in my phone decided to act up when I accidentally played him the same game he repeatedly plays me. It's so funny how dudes can switch on you so quickly and how I've known that from the beginning. Don't waste your time ladies. A lesson I learned from the mistakes of many, it's not worth it.

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