Shanghai Nights

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* A lil' update: I am team #iPhone, officially! I used to despise Apple's phone quality but they've improved greatly over the years, and that excites me.

This past weekend was quite entertaining. I went to DC to celebrate a friends belated birthday. We went to my favorite spot, Nandos! They're food is so delicious! I ordered the veggie burger with Portuguese rice and fries. Great food. I may be a bit biased since they're based in South Africa ☺
I was able to get some good shots. I love all the sights in Chinatown. Even though, I have my internship in DC and have been in close proximity for quite a while, I will never stop acting like a tourist sometimes! It's a city filled so many sights and sounds. This past week has been a test of my faith within certain corners of my life. I am glad to have a good set of friends who have a strong head on their shoulders. I appreciate being surrounded by mature and positive people. It just does some things for your personal growth, ya know? Overall, I would say that my weekend was entertaining. Personally, I always find wholesome activities fun. With the end of the semester being this week, I will be studying and consumed with final exams. Therefore, you might see a decrease in my posting (if that's even possible, hahahaha). But until then!

Je vous embrasse,