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H&M sweater, H&M skirt, DIY ripped tights, American Apparel thigh high socks, ALDO flatforms

Leaving school was more bitter than sweet cause I didn't mind the work and I didn't really want to be home, so there you have it. It's funny, the only thing I was really looking forward to doing was being able to sleep and not worry about when I'd have to wake up. 'Tis all. A couple of days ago I had an interesting day though because I had time to reflect on my past when I visited my old high school. I know, I know, but you said you'd never go back! Well, it was alumni day and they sent a formal letter home and all that nonsense, my mother wouldn't allow me to refuse.

In any case, I got all dressed and prepared a short list of some high school lies to tell the children, "high school hardly counts, SATs are a lie and you never speak of them...ever, administration has always been a joke, your 'achievements' don't mean shit once you step on campus", and so on and so forth. Only to find out the crap was informal and it really wouldn't have made a difference if I went or didn't. I saw my old annoying teachers, only to get annoyed once again, all of my cool down-to-earth teachers in which I miss dearly. All of the events I went through and the talks I had with them made me realize a few things: I still hate high school, I still hate my old high school, and finally high school still and will continue to suck.

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