Best to shop...fest

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Thrifted hounds-tooth blazer, thrifted white chemise, f21 body con skirt, gojane ribbon tights, Primark shoes, Italian leather bag 

I really loved my outfit to church today so I decided to do a mainstream mirror pic, lol not that I care. Anyway, I loved it so much that when my mom and I went shopping alls I did was throw on some denim and comfy shoes and I was outtie. Here are the things I got. I was assisting my mother at the thrift, but who knew that she'd leave and I'd still be there shopping by the time she came back to get me. Oh my goodness, the lady who checked me out was the absolute sweetest. I wanted some items but I really didn't even want to spend the money I brought with me, so she took the items that weren't half off and made all of them half off. Kindness people, plain kindness. 
Oh, and those gold plated cuffs you see around my wrists? They're actually for your ankles and will be available at SOAL in April! The re-launch date details will be brought to you very soon.

P.S. We placed at our competition last night! Meaning we are indeed going to States this year. Thank you Jesus. The season remains for two more weeks!

xxoo missusmonroe