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DIY cargo jacket with contrasting leather sleeves, random T, H&M leather pants, older sister's Air Force 1s

I hate tennis shoes. What a great way to start this off right? Haha, well I do. You're probably pondering, well gee then why is she wearing some as we read? Well, ever since my sister got these babies over six years ago I've always wanted to borrow them from her. Being the older sister that she was, her response was a very consistent no. So of course when my sissy left for college and abandoned some rescuable items I was indeed there for the rescue. I'm not one to wear tennis shoes either, and don't count on me doing this multiple times. I actually have styled to these AF1s before, it just wasn't posted. I had this same tee with a long unbutton long-sleeve sheer top, these chains, and red and white H&M american flag leggings; it was pretty rad.

Anyway, today I decided to go for a much simpler look. The leather dominated might I add. The bun was completely impromptu, and I hardly even wore my DIY contrasting sleeve jacket. Oh well. I apologize for this post being so close to the next-day deadline but I've been working so hard on SOAL, you couldn't even imagine. I hate depending on other people, and by other people I mean manufacturers. But while I was shooting you can tell I had a little too much fun...

xxoo missusmonroe


Jamara Brown said...

Dat Jacket <3
Just wanted to let you girls know that your blog is cool. *following*

~ Jamara