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Random over-sized black T, plaid hooded throw-over, f21 dress, garters, thrifted grandpa socks, thrifted penny loafers 

Well, well, well! Hasn't it been a while? Life has been tugging me in all kinds of directions recently and I'm kind of stressed out to be honest. I've decided to try and simmer down though, my competition season is coming to an end so that will free up all of my time... And as crazy as it sounds, the year is finally wrapping up also. Of course, teachers are still attempting to teach but it's of no use at this point. My mother encourages me to end strong so that's what I'm trying to do.
I feel like such a Debbie-downer right now, haha. Sade suggested we do Grammy and Oscar re-caps so that will be brought to your attention soon enough. We've got some things in store!

xxoo missusmonroe