$trip clubs & dollah bill$

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ROSS cardigan, thrifted crop top, dance pants, H&M ruffled socks, Barefeet boots

I'm not really sure if I've ever truly expressed my love for badgal RiRi on here before but in person she's a woman I can say I talk about all the time. I adore her. Moving on; today was sort of surreal. I was in this absolutely amazing mood. It was very strange. I really loved my outfit today though; these dance pants are the most amazing things in the world. I know I've spoken on this before but they really remind me of AA's disco pants! But cheaper! They literally slide on like a glove and are pretty decent to style. I really wanted to wear a shorter jacket to show off the pretty curves of the pants but the longer cardi just balanced out the extremity of the wonderful thrift-find top so it just worked.

Oh, great news: SOAL will be revamping! I know we've been dropping hints on big things to come but it really will be pretty massive. I'm a terrible sketcher but I think I'll try to start some things online so I can give the sneak previews. Just know that it's a great look into apparel with a touch of grungey/ethereal accessories. 04.09.13. Remember that date.

xxoo missusmonroe