Can't stop, won't stop

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Thrifted mens shirt, DIY spiked circle Lucaya leather skirt, Primark Oxfords

Do you know what I hate? Hah, well I know I say this a lot, and I promise I don't hate too many things, just quite a few. When people try to tell me what I can and cannot wear. My school controls everything we do, say, and practically think. As annoying as that is, it can be easily ignored. However, when they attempt to control what I wear? That's where I completely draw the line.

Today was a half-day and here I am dressed in my usual attire. Apparently at my school when teachers have complaints they like to go to the administration instead of telling you upfront what their problem is. Long story short, don't mess with me and my clothing because, sadly, you will lose. Brightest bit of today? It's the start of Spring Break!

xxoo missusmonroe