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Thrifted unitard, thrifted pants, Barefeet boots

I'm probably one of the only non-ratchet person who really loves 2-Chainz; don't ask, I just think he's so funny and a true dumbass wouldn't be able to form the type of "stupid" raps he does. My opinion. Moving on. So last night I got a grand total of three hours of sleep, woot! Seriously, I was a tired mess. Y'know when your body feigns storage of energy but it's really running on nothing? That's exactly what today was except I didn't take any sort of supplement. 
Onto my outfit of choice. Theeeeessseee paaants are everything. They are so finely tailored and fit that I wish they had a brand name on them; plus they're my first white pants! Bless my local thrift store and my mother who ended up purchasing them for me. There are only a few problems. One, I randomly picked them up next to these shorts that I dropped so they weren't in my size range. As I was walking to the check-out counter I kept scrutinizing them because I knew they were high-waisted, but jeez the waist looked too tiny. Second, no matter how many times I put them to my frame, because I didn't have any time to try them on, they looked too small even though they "reached" my feet. Evidently, I went home an excited wreck to try them on and though they looked beautiful, they reached about two inches above my ankles, plus they weren't fit, and crushed my ribs. However! I am not one to pass up beauty so I sucked it up...literally.

I can't wait to re-style to these pants; I really hated this outfit with the boots because frankly the black, white, black looks stupid. Plus I look like an equestrian which does not compliment the pants at all. I just needed time to cinch the ends and take in the thighs a bit and they will be golden.

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