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So while I am editing the pictures from the babe Sade's dinner party, I'm going to post a post that I've been meaning to post... (Woah talk about tongue-twister!) My favorite fashion bloggers! I'm not too sure about Sade, but I absolutely adore Bebe Zeva and Jess the VintageVirgin. I remember the first time I saw Bebe was on lookbook because she was constantly on the Hot page. I saw the crazy eyebrows, the exaggerated lipstick, and the wacky style and was very confused why people seemed to take on to her style. Then when this was created I, strangely enough, stumbled upon her blog Fated to be Hated. Well, first of all that name was enough to make me very curious. I've come to understand why she does the crazy make-up, I think it's more of a theatrical thing, and to move past it. And her style? It's actually impeccable; seriously she is perfection.

Onto Jessica, my dark-skinned queen. She better WERQ. That's all I have to say. I've never had my doubts about her, she's always been absolute perfection. I mean, c'mon look at her! Plus she's a mother? I just can't take it. And her new haircut, the bluntness of that bob just makes me want to puke rainbows... awkward haha. So yes, those are my faves; I will continue to stalk their style, it happens to be a lot of fun.

xxoo missusmonroe