Hello 2016

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So how many times have we heard the phrase "New Year, New Me!"? Whether you don't believe it or hold it dear to your heart, but at the rate everyone trashes it you wouldn't dare admit it let's be honest, it is always a topic for discussion as New Year's eve approaches. I'm not one to ever utter those words because, sure I'll never stop growing, but I don't believe because the year increased overnight suddenly my life has changed. There is, however, something extremely promising about 2016. I've reflected on my year and it honestly felt more low than high. There are so many things I aspire to do that sometimes seem to be put on the back burner or even worse, feel like I have to force myself to do. 

But for some reason 2016 is gleaming to be my year.

Not a year of change or renewal, but a year of opportunity and claiming my greatness. A year of really making shit happen. A year of fearlessness. A year of spiritual growth. My fucking year.

I've never ever been one to turn down adventure... which is great because I have a feeling 2016 will be a crazy ride. My first stop? Houston, Texas.

xxoo missusmonroe

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