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Today was arguably one of the most tiring work days I've experienced yet. I don't even have much to ramble on, I'm just beat. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I switched off all of my alarms, rising with not one, somehow opened my eyes at the correct time, actually physically rose, and got ready for my day. God is an amazing being because when I say I was dead when I made it to the bathroom, I'm talking my body was actually weighing me down. I can't be doing this any longer, school is about to resume and I really need to be well powered beforehand... 

There is one thing I look forward to every morning and motivates me even as the pain grows behind my eyes as I brush my teeth, even when I'm about to fall asleep on my desk or at a lecture. It is one constant I know will keep me looking forward. As strange as it is to say, it's whatever I'm wearing. Some people solve math problems for a living, decorate, paint, cut bodies open, catch bodies but for me I go to school of course but I also dress for a living. This is really what I mean by style being life; my style is a depiction of myself. Just a simple example of me motivating myself, I look forward to where my creativity and fearlessness will take me next. Yes, I love taking risks with my clothes because that's how I am in real life, I am an outside-of-the-box thinker. This outfit had many forms before it finally took shape into this combination. The bright color not only makes it shaky territory, but the button-up's main color only matching one of the blues in the skirt (the pictures kind of make it look matchy I think) also mixes things up. Last week my music was blasting and I was singing like Ms. Houston herself as per my usual creative process of forming outfits. I was looking at some other pieces when it struck me like lightening in an open field, my teal top had an essence that would match this marble-ish skirt. I literally had to search my suitcase, they weren't even in my line of vision. Most of the time that's how I operate, the sudden idea hits me and I bring out the pieces to see if they work as I'd envisioned. It's not often it doesn't. Then pairing it with sneakers? To the office?! I swear, my brain can't be wired the same as everyone. But this one was kind of genius.

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Thrifted top, hand-me-down skirt, thrifted shoes, AA socks