Ode to ballet

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Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C
Even those who know me moderately well may not be aware of my passion for some dance forms, but I am and have always been in love with ballet. I'm talking in deep, passionate, don't tell your mamma about that day-dream love (okay, well maybe not completely that). When I was younger, like many other girls, I wanted to be a ballerina but I was so sure of my potential, I bought a step-by-step book, can you imagine as if it were like making a egusi stew, and really thought I was going to teach myself the basics so when I went into a class I wouldn't be too shy of the target...but when the opportunity presented itself to go to ballet camp, I chose cheerleading camp like an imbecile. I suppose I didn't believe I needed ballet camp, ugh I was something else back then.

In any case, I've always wanted to see a ballet and for the past couple of years I've dreamt of getting all dolled up, putting on a faux fur, and heading off to see The Nutcracker. Now, I'm extremely independent and that's always been my thing; however, I knew I wanted to share this special little fantasy night with someone, preferably of the non mediocre bravado. So a few weeks ago a special guy did make this happen and I actually haven't stopped thanking him for it. At first, the show began slow and I was just praying I wouldn't end up disappointed but it quickly picked up pace, we had some entertainment by a woman who must've believed she was the ringleader within the art of clapping (with your hands..not ass cheeks), the girls brought out their pointe shoes (most excited about), we had a bit too much of that unoaked drank, ending was fantastic.. we were just really living. Seriously one of the best nights.

P.S. shoutout to the waitress who couldn't get enough of my hair, complimented me on my gap, and told me I was a goddess. She was really digging my whole essence and I appreciate her, thank you queen! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas.

xxoo missusmonroe

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