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This article is inspired/ripped from Blavity's Jonathan Jackson's article. Please read below:

After reading the article, I wanted to reflect on what were things/habits that I wanted to recognize and improve upon for the upcoming year. To be honest, it still doesn't exactly feel like a "new" year. I am not exactly getting a feeling of being "refreshed." I understand that time is a concept, but still..

Anyway, Let's get started shall we??

1. I would wait to start things because I wanted them to done really well instead of  haphazard.

One word: tabs. tabs. tabs! I would have 11 internet tabs open at once and only touch them when I was "ready" to conquer that task. Little did I know that it would be easier to complete things incrementally than to wait and attack it all at once. Also, I would delay work in general. Of course I would get it completed in time, however, the gap in between my completion and knowledge of my assignments was a bit much.

In 2016: Get that shit done. Perfection is relative. And reality is that it won't be perfect because you waited longer to start it.

2. I fell off in writing and utilizing in my journal as regularly as I did earlier.

2015 for me was suppose to be the year of writing and reflecting for me. Well I did stick to that goal during the summer as well as earlier in the year. However, it became difficult to keep up with it. Now, as I read my diary entries from March, June, and July, I'm humbled by the growth that occurred during that time.

In 2016: Being more intentional with my writing and reflecting.

3. I wasn't mindful when it came to myself and others.

Although this is something that, I don't think can be crafted-- I wasn't mindful of my space and others during 2015. There were times when I didn't think about how my behavior or simple phrases that I utter could possibly be taken the wrong way or even cause uncomfortable tension.

In 2016: Practice cognitive thinking but understand that I'm not here to please anyone (that's for damn sure).

If anything else comes to me, I'll add it in.

Things I did do really well in 2015:

  • I took control of my mental health and prioritized my health!

  • I ate good food.

  • I traveled with a fearless spirit.

  • I meditated (on and off).

  • My budgeting was a little bit better.

with love,