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These past few days have been a bit crazy... Wednesday I decided to break out my new booties from a random splurge at Forever21, probably the worst decision I could make that day. I say this because I just so happened to need to go to the bank. Let me clarify, I needed to make that 20 minute walk to the bank, no options. When I say half way through I almost took these babies off, I'm not joking. I hate when girls do that, to me it's just like don't wear the damn shoes then, and I also dislike seeing girls practically limping in heels for the same reason. But I was so dang-on close maaaan, if it weren't for my pride I think I really would've broken down. The shoes are actually super duper comfortable, they just weren't prepared for the work ahead of them on day one. In actuality, I never have a normal break in process. Some girls just walk around their house in the shoes...who actually has the time for that! In any case, the blisters on my feet show maybe I should start making some time or something, dang.

Today was a nothing but a tragedy at first. I overslept, I was a true mess, I had to go through some things to be able to telework since I didn't bring my work laptop home... ugh it was a lot. However, I did get to end the night finally exploring further into the city. It was an expensive ass Uber, but I got a chance to see OSHUN NYC perform live. I never did get to make it to AFROPUNK last year and I didn't catch them at Broccoli City Fest, but y'all know I've been wanting to go to a small, intimate SOB's type of performance in a bar type of space or so. It's almost as if it was thrown right into my lap, the exact atmosphere. Honestly I had never really listened to their music previous to a few days before, but I seriously like some of it but especially their vibe and mission. It's crazy how they're originally from Maryland as well and go to school in New York, basically my original dream since forever. The performance was Unplugged, similar to Lauryn Hill's, it was a very intimate environment, we got to ask questions and it didn't feel like they put themselves on any type of upper hand or pedestal. Not to mention, Live out Loud band was freaking amazing. I love live bands and the trumpet and sax crept into my soul for sure. Their new release in on soundcloud, y'all should check it out!

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