Thought it and I Achieved it

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Oh me oh my. This week. Well, it really wasn't a bad week at all just very tiring. While I'm in school I'm like this walking caffeinated zombie, literally an addict. So getting myself off when I began vacation was one of the hardest things, really because if I wasn't drinking coffee during my regularly scheduled schedule, I'd have these terrible migraines, just messy. In any case, that explains the tiredness I've been feeling suddenly plummeting myself into an early morning-late night schedule once again, with this time an attempt to hardly drink coffee at all. 

My internship in itself is pretty interesting, I've been getting into a lot of numbers and end-of-the-year clean up.. One thing I've never been a fan of are lazy people, lazy people who depend on others and the responsibility they've hoarded on others to get the job done. I just can't live my life like that. You really don't aspire to be great? Aspiring to be mediocre is an actual thing you all! I just could not live that way. Things seriously hardly ever work in my favor, or the way I'd like my favor to go, but I wouldn't want to be regular. It may not be the way I want it, but somehow things just work out in a way...

So the weather here turns out to be not too different from the DMV, freaking fantastic. Came all the way over here to also be freezing! Lol, ironically the tricks began when I first landed and the warm air was blowing, the sun was out, it wasn't uncomfortable heat at all, because everyone knows how much I hate being hot. Then all of a sudden, literally between the time of early afternoon and early evening, the world flipped. It was so cold I thought I had died and woke up in another world... okay cue drama but seriously I don't understand why it's not warm in Houston/Woodlands! Can we discuss how I only packed sandals and open toed shoes and the week I began work the weather plummeted. I literally had to run out during lunch on my first day and buy these flats. Y'ALL KNOW I HATE FLATS! Lol, man and what a mess it was even finding some decent, comfortable shoes I could wear everyday. 

I don't know what next week has in store, but this weekend.. well it's almost over and I just don't think there's really much for young adults that are legal but not enough to get shitfaced i public. Tomorrow's a new day though, so we shall see.

xxoo missusmonroe

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