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When I first landed in Houston I was actually really excited to see what Bey is so proud about. Not to say that I'm disappointed...but it's all just so very... Texas! *cue proud cowboy accent* Everybody is proud of the unending land, with hardly any sidewalks mind you, the slightly obnoxiously big everything, and the Texas fast food that's exclusive to Texas and renames to somehow fit Rancho, Ranger, or just Texas in it. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool out here but I think I need to actually find and explore to find the big factor. It's not like Paris where you get off the plane and here's Paris

This actually really makes me wonder where Drake's fascination lies and whether I need to reconsider his mental stability and credibility in judgement...

Lol in any case, I've been in search for concerts, or those intimate pub performances to no avail. I wasn't truly too concerned when I was in the city to be honest, fresh from school slavery, all I wanted to do was sleep for at least 10 hours a day. Today I actually began what I came here for in the first place, my internship. The day hurried right along surprisingly and I couldn't be more grateful. It's quite busy and now that I'm a bit away from Houston, I don't have much exploring to look forward to without burning a hole in my pocket...clearly someone thought this thoroughly through.

We'll see what's in store, honestly I brought too many cute clothes, too many clothes really, for them to go to waste! My carry-on was sacrificially about 15 pounds too heavy, because of said clothes and my stubbornness to pay money I deem unnecessary. Not in vain I tell you!

P.S. My camera is going through some things. Instead of trying to diagnose it I think it's high time to replace it, it has been three long years. I just wish it didn't always choose when I need it to be a stupid brat. Hopefully all the pictures don't come out this weird or as bad they've been rolling out but if they do, forgive a sista.

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