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Those Mondays you wish were still Sundays? Yeah. I had an amazing conversation last night that was clearly more important than sleep, as they usually are. Today wasn't that special really, I did get to leave work a bit early so that was a true blessing. Surprisingly I wasn't falling asleep in a pool of my own drool, so I'm very grateful for that. The true gem was last night, well it wasn't that special, but I did go back into town and saw Concussion, lemme tell you guys, that movie is superb. Not only does everyone need to watch it because of the health concerns it addressed and because it is a Will Smith movie, but also the important messages it shares. Especially in relation to race and immigrants, socially out-casting people and big, corporate, high-power, greedy, scandal-prone bullies. Lol, a mouthful but very important to see for yourself. I was telling my friend, if it wasn't for Will looking like, well Will, he could almost convince me he was Nigerian. I realize now the adrenaline from its greatness must've temporarily deceived me because, well that's particularly true but he did do a great job. Everybody check it out.

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