Soul train

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When Jeffrey's Coltrane boots came out, I was probably the first to oogle at its cut outs, strategically placed buckles, and beautiful harmony of tough grunge yet simple chic. Even though they weren't thaaat expensive, as in in comparison to shoes worth my tuition bill, like I said, being a college student or even just simply a middle class American = no Coltranes unless I wanted to begin my debt rather early. That being said, when some really cute impersonations came out I was the first in line. Being an upcoming designer myself, I know I'd hate it if people bought a replica instead of my original, but damn then that would tell me all I needed to know about the price tag! Haha, so my outfit yesterday reflected on the booties. I love the wash of them, original to the originals I believe, and it coincidentally went right along with my thrifted dress. Did I even mention the heat? By three it was around 92 degrees with that I bet was 100% humidity because it literally felt like hell, hence the bun.

xxoo missusmonroe