Monday vibes

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Topshop fringe crop top, DIY thrifted dip-dye jeans, Office Juju Babe jellies

I may be the only person on the face of this planet that loves Mondays. ~I may have already said this but uh wutevs~ Seriously Mondays aren't serious at all, if anything they're still an extension of the weekend. Ponder on this: when does the real work begin? Nobody wants to do anything on Monday; some people are still hungover, dwelling on their festivities... Reality doesn't strike your soul until deathly Tuesdays. I can't stand Tuesdays, haha. In any case, Monday was great as it usually is. I begin the day with dance, as I also do on Wednesdays, resulting in multiple outfit changes during my hour long break, after deathly Geology, transitioning into English. This unfortunate case is actually extremely annoying cause modern dance = sweat, hair out of my face, no make-up, and a nasty mess rushing to Geology. ~sacrifices

xxoo missusmonroe