Never let me go

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Dance leo, thrifted pants, Urban Outfitters sandals

Florence + The Machine's "Never Let Me Go" has been consistently stuck in my head all day. I am in deep love with that song, ha if that phrasing even made sense. In any case, today was filled with fatigue. It started off with me waking up late cause I was up studying last night for a quiz today that I would've received the same grade, studied for or not ~facking annoying~. This of course means all of the weeks I've used could've been transferred into studying for my lab of this class. If you have yet to realize, yes I'm speaking of Geology. My midterm is tomorrow and I am going to die. I'm not even remotely ready and I feel like I'm not alone.
This outfit popped into my head on a random occasion so I decided to sport it on the semi-cool day of today. Actually, I can just say cool because it was slightly nippy. I changed my shoes about twice and wish I had three times.