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It's been a little crazy these past few days what with studying for ill-placed midterms and a new found social life, but I would like to believe I'm handling myself quite well. These are from last Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Thursday was my official audition for the hip hop dance troupe on campus and guess who made it?! On Friday I had a great time in Chinatown, DC of course, with a friend as he celebrated his upcoming birthday. It was his first time in DC and we hit up gallery or whateva ~beytomce voice~ and watched The Butler. I suggest everybody, people of all races, go and see this amazing movie. Saturday I had a Black Student Alliance fundraiser I helped to assist. If you follow me on insta, @missusmonroe, you would've seen my evening festivities ;)

All in all, my week into weekend was pretty hectic. Hopefully it'll calm down, but I am doubting this.

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