Sunshine, I can call you my baby boy

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Middle school gym shorts, Target boys shirt, everything else thrifted

Today officially began the nice days of Spring. It was nearly 80 today, a big jump from last weeks 60s, so you can only imagine how excited everybody was! And in case you haven't noticed, yes the braids are back! This wasn't up the last time I got braids, last year exactly, but my youtube was. In fact, that's my most popular video, How to Style Box Braids. Anywho, let's transfer the excitement from my hair to what's most important here, my clothes.

I knew today was going to be warm but I didn't want to over-do it; I'm the type of person that's like who the hell cares what she's wearing and the weather today? Let her do whatever she pleases to do, (now I draw the line at flip-flops when there's snow on the ground... don't ask) so it irks me when people pull out the "oh it's only the first day of warm weather" crap. Okay, you keep saying that, and when you're burning from scorching and sweating like a goat on Christmas morning, African humor, then you'll learn to shut your mouth next time. Why do people believe that just because you're wearing shorts or a dress and sandals on the first day like today it's "submitting to the trend"? Oh, grow up.

Anyway, again, I wanted to sport my jersey again, but this time unbuttoned. And I had the brill idea of wearing a croppie underneath, some boots to the mix, but I had the greatest struggle figuring out my bottoms. After sitting around, daydreaming really, it just suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, mesh shorts, duh! And thus, this outfit was born.

xxoo missusmonroe