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Thrifted jersey, Lucaya skirt, thrifted glitter socks

This was actually Tuesday's outfit post, sorry, a bit late. Anyway, I've come to the acceptance that whenever I want to dress a certain way, a little thuggish or ghetto-fab I guess, I put on these thick, big, obnoxious earrings. It's actually more fun than it looks. For some strange reason, it adds that laflare that the outfit needs.

So, as soon as I picked this item up at the thrift store I fell in love. Not only did I unintentionally meet the "mesh trend" but the sportswear rave was accomplished also. When I was in the dressing room I knew exactly what I wanted to wear this with, but after a few weeks of it sitting in my closet I forgot my train of thought completely. I think it had something to do with shorts, but when I retried the jersey, this skirt came to mind. Viola, I ended up looking like a gothic hood cheerleader, rah-rah!

xxoo missusmonroe