Adventure time

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Thrifted top, thrifted belt, H&M skinny high-waisted pants, Chelsea boots

Why, oh why, did today have to be a full day of school? I'm wasting my sweet time people. Honestly, it's over already, why are the teachers still attempting to teach!?

Anyway, I was watching one of my favorite shows of all time, Saved By The Bell, a little while back and got inspired to create this outfit. It was The Prom episode and Jessie was talking, I really should say arguing, to A.C. Slater. They were sorting out their musical preferences for the songs played at The Prom, and Slater finally found one they both liked. When he and Jessie started dancing I noticed the skinny in her high-waisted jeans and her boots sort of resembled my Chelseas. I don't know how, but instantly this outfit came to mind. Love that show man.

xxoo missusmonroe