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Everything thrifted

This post has been sitting in my head, ready to get up and go since like Wednesday but I just don't know why I haven't posted it! Apologies man, but moving on. I wore this to get some errands out of the way, and even though my fam kept staring at my hat like it was an alien space shuttle, nobody else seemed a bit bothered. I find that quite amusing.

As I have been conjuring my lists of trends and such over the past couple of years I have come to a realization that bothers me a lot. When people have a big following on social networks, there usually isn't anything too radically special about them, but the ones who are truly special go unnoticed. I say this because I follow a "very fashion forward" woman on tumblr and people ask for her input on how they should style items often. Now I know it's a lot easier to give the best advice knowing the person, or the item even, but her responses are the same! Insert random color beanie here, insert plaid shirt to tie around waist here, insert out-played high-waisted shorts here, and the list goes on and on. Honestly, it's like this: know your strengths in styling yourself, but if you want to style other people, know how to do that separately. You don't always style people how you'd dress because not everybody looks great in something you'd wear! And you don't just give the same automated mainstream advice just because you can. That doesn't sound like good styling or a great sense of fashion to me.

The worst part is people really eat it up, as if they're satisfied with her mediocrity. Never settle for anything but the best people.

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