Trying times

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These pictures were actually from yesterday, but I was so wrapped up in gymnastics in the Olympic games that they didn't make it up! Haah, okay down to business. So yesterday my good friend Shannon and I hung out and we went to Old E where there was a vast array of cool antique shops that I just know Sade would have loved. I really need to go back because it's just so beautiful, slightly pricey but too cool to resist. We ran into this one guy who serenaded us because he was homeless and needed spare change, we met the most beautiful old woman with shockingly white hair who just couldn't stop talking to us, and a lady in a quirky shop who wouldn't stop showering me with compliments. Honestly, it was a really great adventure. Oh, and uh excuse the blurs, sometimes I'm impatient when taking flicks. Plus it was raining when I got home so OOTD was taken in my last resort...
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