Finally Friday

11:25 PM missusmonroe 1 Comments

Hand-me-down blazer, Wal-Mart tank top, thrifted velvet shorts, f21 loafers

It's been one of those really bad weeks where you're waiting for Friday since Monday, where the entire week feels like it's been three months, but strangely enough when Friday does eventually come you kind of forget it's there... yeah it's been hard to get through this one. Anyway, it is finally Friday whoooop! Thankfully this labor day weekend we're getting away to have our last mini-vacay before school really starts. It's been an interesting week though, I have to say. My hair has certainly had its downs, but yes this is the final color. It's more magenta in certain parts than I would like but oh fuck it.
xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. I basically only post OOTDs on Mondays and Fridays cause of afterschool activities, so yes it's a bummer but oh well we've got to deal ;)