Shred me up a piece of your heart

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One day I got an email from my coveted store Nastygal, so I did what I always do when I get emails from them, drool over the things that I couldn't afford even in my dreams. While scrolling I saw a little editorial/ad for knit sweaters and one of them was shredded in a really cool way. So, I quickly youtube'ed it and found some really cool videos. Now, I don't think my sweater is finished but this is what I have after two days. On day one I'd say this takes hours cause I spent three hours on it and I didn't even like the outcome. Then I left it for a day, came back with a better/quicker/more efficient way to do it. So, I'll combine the two methods and teach ya guys how to do some basic shredding.

xxoo missusmonroe

Original sweater
What you'll need: Some fabric scissors, your fingers, and possibly a needle

Step One: Take your scissors and cut a yarn that's vertical. This is an important step, it determines how it'll end up shredding
Step Two: Once that's done, expand the hole a bit

Step Three: Take the yarn..

Step Four: ... pull it up...

Step Five: ... then pull it in the opposite direction

If this is the type of shred you want, then this will be your outcome. 

But, I wanted something a little more dramatic, as in the threads seeming like they were spilling from the top. This is simple to do, just steps 1 and 2. Once the hole is expanded you'll see where the yarn was cut, then you pull it from the vertical column. Then, take the next piece of yarn after than and pull it out also. They should come out easily since you snipped the part that was holding them.

This instead should be your outcome