Triple the DIY

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Okay, okay so here we go. So Sade and I ended up dyeing our shorts, I dip-dyed my high-waisted jeans, and I also biker slashed high-waisted shorts. Below are basically step-by-step directions on how you can get similar results!
xxoo missusmonroe & Sade

DIY #1: Tie-Dye Shorts
Materials: Tulip Tie-Dye kit 3 colors (blue, yellow & red), Clorox bleach, and multiple trash bags (split in the middle)

Step One: Cut the jeans to the length.
Step two: Fill up the bucket with a little bit of water, then a considerable amount of bleach.
Step Three: Soak the shorts into the bleach, wrench it, then let it lay.

This is how they should look like after maybe 30-45 minutes of laying in the sun.
Step Four: Take your dye and either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally apply the dye.

This is how they should look like afterwards!

Step Five: Leave it for a day to dry, wash it and dry it. These were the final outcomes

DIY #2: Dip-Dye Jeans
Step One: Take your desired denim and mark where you'd like the bleaching to begin

Step two: Dip your denim into your bucket or whatever you choose to use, Make sure you don't go above those lines that you made. Leave it to dry

Your outcome should be something like so!

DIY #3: Biker Slashed shorts
This is probably the trickiest of the three. These are the materials you'll need: A needle (or something to pick the seams), a cheese grater/foot scrubber/sand paper/really sharp knife to remove denim layers, and a hard surface

Step One (first box): Cut your shorts to your desired length, then make various slits throughout
Step Two: Pick the seams using a needle or whatever you have. Don't pick them too far because the dryer will take care of the rest
Step Three: Pick the seams of the bottom of your shorts to whichever thickness you'd like, keeping in mind that the dryer also takes off a lot. Also, use a knife to shave off some layers of preferred spots on the denim, then use your grater and grate off the denim until you see seams. This gives it an edgier look without having to have too many holes
Step Four: Pop that baby into the washer and dryer, and these are your results!