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Am I the only one obsessed with her? I mean, seriously, her street style is off the charts. Her style period. I'm not the biggest fan of her hair choices except for her "natural" as shown above. I think that was the most beautiful hairstyle she's ever had. But on a serious note, has anyone noticed how skinny she's gotten? Like, there's hardly any skin on her cheekbones anymore as you'll see in the Caribbean/Monte Carlo pictures. Honestly, I don't care what she does I'll still love her. I don't actually think she can sing very well, at least not very high. Like in Take Care, I believe that's her natural voice not the impossibly high notes that aren't in her range like in Only Girl. But I reaaally don't even care, as long as she continues to dress as so and not care about anybody's opinion I'll still love her.
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