Busy Mondays

7:34 PM missusmonroe 1 Comments

So this is what last night and today consisted of. Actually, I did this all last night.. hahaha. But whatever, I looked at them with fresh eyes today so it was still a busy day. My Galaxy shorts did not turn out in any way/shape or form how I wanted them to so I'm not going to do a DIY on something that I'm not all that fond of. But, I'll show you the materials I used. And the dip-dye is very self-explanatory, but the peek-a-boo I'll give a step by step...
xxoo missusmonroe

Materials: Shorts (preferably black), something with a tip to make the stars, sponges, and blue, white, purple, and, if you would like, glitter fabric paint

Materials for the pocket. All you have to do it cut out the shape, then literally just sew it onto the pocket. Unless you want a closed pocket, don't sew it directly through the pocket and the shorts.


very lovely diy...might be trying this out soon. ooh...im Nigerian too btw :)