First Dayz

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cut Target v-neck, H&M khakis, Primark slip-ons, necklace from Nigeria

As far as first days go, today was pretty sufficient. I believe I did far too much work in certain classes though. I mean, for goodness sake it's only day one. But it's really just giving me a taste for the rest of the year. Sade said no negativity, but uh there are a lot of people I am not fond of and they continue to re-appear in my life. Cue long sigh. Anyway, onto brighter topics, literally. So about my hair... long story short I need to re-dye it. Cause this color you see up there? Not it's real color, plus I'm too positive it's already faded and some people say it looks blue? Yeah, that's got to go. Oh, and don't you love my outfit for the first day? HAHA I was like bump this, I'm going super casual cause I'm seriously just trying to find where I'm supposed to be going.
xxoo missusmonroe