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Today's my last day at my Industrial Training AKA work here on the beautiful island. It's kind of bittersweet, I'm tired of some people, as expected, but I'll miss many of the staff. I love great personalities, it keeps me so very interested and that's what happened for the most part. We're busy taking loads of pictures today, but I hope my camera will last all of today cause my battery is already on like 1%... Such photos will be uploaded in the future but seeing as though my flight back home is around the corner and work was the only place I could manipulate the internet, I won't be around until I leave. Until then, I'll leave you with a few snaps of some of my favorite looks from this designer I just stumbled upon the other day. These looks were from her A/W RTW line for 2014; while I was watching fashionTV here they briefly showed the show and I just had to find the photos (from Google). The turbans, the long coats.. completely breathtaking and in my favorite colors! It also makes my skin itch for Fall. Meet, or be reintroduced, to St├ęphanie Coudert.

See y'all soon!
xxoo missusmonroe

St├ęphanie Coudert Womenswear, Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Paris Haute-Couture