Well, well, well

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As you all ~should~ know I am currently out of the country and have been unable to update as frequently as I itch to do, but hey what can you do. To be honest, I could just do text posts but as a visual person myself, I find that just so incredibly boring. So I report to you with some visuals! As I've said previously I've created a GRID, powered by the ever so fabulous vscocam and while I'm away that's the best way to get some photos. I've discovered it's virtually impossible for me to do OOTDs and honestly I'm kind of relieved cause I really just want to live and just dress and document later, I am on vacation for crying out loud! I do feel as though it's my duty and it's just part of me to quickly snap a photo when I feel inspired and sort of willed to, but other than that I'm just taking everything in. The point of this ramble though was more reliable photos are on my GRID, which is where I snagged the majority of these photos from, but they aren't outfit posts or anything. So keep up there!

Moving on from news of such, I have really been enjoying these past three, entering four weeks I've been away. It's crazy how much thinking, dwelling, reminiscing, reevaluating, dissecting, laughing, planning, gathering, and learning I've done in such a small amount of time. This is exactly what I wanted this vacation to do, in a way rebuild my mind and reinforce values I already had and open my eyes to the happiness I also have and will continue to have. Also to remind me that I always deserve the best, dammit lol, seriously and we all do! No matter our upbringing and the trials we've had to endure and will continue to, we always deserve the very best and sometimes it's more than okay to be selfish. Anyway, I keep saying how "I'm just living" here and honestly it's the best way to describe it, hardly any worries or anxieties, just taking everything my life has to offer in and not stressing. I went to my first wedding, well we missed the wedding but caught the reception, I've been working, I'm trying to learn even more about my hair, I'm becoming more of a daughter to those who are important, I'm hearing God, and I've even been inspired for the direction of my first collection. It's been a journey, thank you guys for remaining loyal.

xxoo missusmonroe